Mergers consulting

Are You going to change a domain, an app powering your website or merge 2 sites?

It’s usually an important and complicated project with many points of failure: product, IT, SEO, teams, business.

You can do it yourself (🤞🏽). Or You can use my expertise to make it successful.

Why me?

  • I ran 7 domain, 9 app changes and 2 multiple-site mergers for sites with up to 2.5M monthly users in Germany, Italy, Portugal, Peru, Russia, Turkey, UK, Ukraine
  • Did several mistakes and learned on them
  • Several web companies appreciate my help
  • I have business, product and SEO experience since 2012 and before used to work 4 years as a developer
  • I don’t use fancy words to impress You :-)

How will we work?

  1. Contact me
  2. We’ll have a 30-60-minute call to see how I can help
  3. We’ll do what it takes to make Your merger successful
  4. After the Migration Day You’ll have my support for 8 weeks.

All clear or do You have any questions? Contact me